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Some expecting mothers know right away the birthing plan they have in mind. Others are not entirely sure or may even change their mind. At home birthing or the hospital? Epidural, C-section, or natural vaginal delivery? Breastfeeding or bottle? These are important choices for mothers. Barrie Midwives is eager to help you make well-informed decisions suitable for your body and your unborn baby. It is essential to them that you feel confident and supported.

About Barrie Midwives

The College of Midwives of Ontario regulates Barrie Midwives. They are a dedicated community
of midwives that believe in the continuity of care, informed choices, and a positive birthing experience. They also believe in the right to give birth where the mother feels most comfortable. Their practice consists of registered midwives, student midwives, and administration. Members work together to ensure every mom gets the care and support they need.


Barrie Midwives provide continuous care during pregnancy, labor, birthing, and postpartum care for optimum support. They are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any urgent concerns. Barrie Midwives have an appropriate skill set for all settings, whether at the hospital or home birthing. Additionally, they believe in an uninterrupted birthing process. Offering information and resources for pregnancy and postpartum support is one of their top goals to create a positive experience. The provincial government in Ontario also fully funds midwifery services, making them accessible to all residents.

Midwife Expertise

As formally trained health care professionals, Barrie Midwives are specialists in normal birthing. They view pregnancy and birth as a typical family event. Respecting the mother as the primary decision-maker, the Barrie Midwives are trained to detect and respond to risk factors. The midwives provide complete prenatal and birth care and care for the mom and newborn six weeks after the birth. Additionally, they are educated to assess if pregnancies are low risk. If pregnancy becomes high risk, they will consult and work with an obstetrician or pediatrician according to a strict set of guidelines all Registered Midwives must follow.

Barrie Midwives Birthing Ambitions

At Barrie, they aim to inform and support each mother’s natural intelligence, ability, and power to birth. They believe in mother-led and uninterrupted birthing experiences. However, this doesn’t mean you are left alone in a room. Instead, they help support your laboring as it naturally occurs. They encourage your body to birth your beautiful baby into the world naturally. As a result, your midwife will help guide you through the natural process of delivery and breastfeeding. Mothers and their supporters are encouraged to be well informed on all options and situations.

You can visit Barrie Midwives at 5 Quarry Ridge Rd. Suite 306 Barrie, ON L4M 7G1

Barrie Midwives

From hospital to home, the dedicated team at Barrie Midwives is ready to educate and support you and your decisions every step of the way. Visit their website to book an appointment and start your birthing journey.

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