Why an Accredited Newborn Photographer is Best for Your Family

Twin newborns tucked in on ivory coloured sheets snuggling together with their arms around each other

As a photographer accredited in both refined Posed Newborn studio portraiture and relaxed In-Home Lifestyle photography through the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI), I want to share why an accredited newborn photographer is the best choice for your family.

As new parents, you’re embarking on one of the most extraordinary journeys of your life. The first days are full of adjustment, healing, and falling in love.

The overabundance of emotions alongside fatigue unlike you’ve ever experienced before, makes these early days a total blur. Therefore documenting this tender stage with your newborn is truly invaluable. I’m here to help you commit this stage of life to memory beautifully and safely.

What is Accreditation Anyway?

“What is an Accredited Newborn Photographer, anyway?” you ask?

Let me start by telling you that newborn photography is an unregulated industry. 🤯

That’s right. Anyone can pick up a camera, call themselves a newborn photographer, and proceed to handle your baby for hours at a time without any training or qualifications.

This is not me scaremongering. This is the truth.

And while many of us newborn photographers start there (admittedly, I did 😬) – often leaning on our experience as parents to guide us in lieu of official certification – some of us are pushing ourselves further. In part to stand out in a crowded marketplace and in part in the hopes of advancing the industry.

Achieving accreditation means that my work has been judged by a jury of (more experienced) peers. It means my portfolio was judged not only for its beauty, cohesiveness, and variety, but for my demonstration of baby’s safety during these sessions.

With that intro out of the way, let’s dive into the details.

An excerpt from my Studio Newborn successful accreditation submission

Accreditation Means Professional Expertise

Being an APNPI accredited photographer isn’t just a credential—it’s a reassurance of quality and professional dedication to newborn photography. I’ve gone through extensive evaluation to perfect my craft in both posed and lifestyle newborn photography, ensuring I have the expertise to guide you through every step of the session process and can deliver impeccable, high-quality images you expect from a professional.

A closeup shot of Katie Lintern placing one swaddled newborn twin next to another on a white flokati fur.

Uncompromised Safety with Accreditation

Your little one’s safety is my top priority. Even with experience as a mother of three, I still feel strongly that handling newborns for the purposes of photography is a totally different beast!

APNPI training has equipped me with additional (and very necessary) skills to handle your baby safely and comfortably during photo sessions. Your little one is always posed safely, whether in my studio or in your home.

Accreditation comes only AFTER becoming a Qualified Newborn Photographer (QNP). For more on why this is critical, I invite you to read my blog post about why you should hire a QNP here, which further details my commitment to your baby’s safety.

An excerpt from my Lifestyle Newborn accreditation submission

An Accredited Photographer Provides Exceptional Quality

Accreditation by APNPI also means that my artistry has been put to the test. My portfolios in both styles have been judged by some of the leading newborn photographers around the world! You can expect to receive reliably consistent, high quality images ready for printing and displaying. From the soft, delicate details of your baby’s fingers to the warm embrace of family cuddles, I pour over every image before I deliver it to you.

Young mom wearing blue jeans and a white sweater is cradling her newborn. She is seated in an old wooden rocking chair on the left of the frame with a window on the top right of the frame and an old black radiator underneath the window. Photographed by accredited newborn photographer, Katie Lintern.
An example of a contextual shot from an in-home newborn session

A Tailored Experience with an Expert Eye

Every family is unique, and so is every photo session. I pride myself on customizing each session to reflect your family’s individuality. Whether you’re looking for that refined yet dreamy look of studio portraits in a colour palette of your choice, or the intimate comfort and candid nature of a lifestyle session in your home that includes your fur babies as well, I’ve got you!

Trust and Reliability

Choosing an accredited photographer like myself means putting your trust in someone who is committed to the highest standards. This accreditation isn’t given lightly – it’s earned by photographers who are dedicated to their craft and their clients.

CONFESSION TIME: I actually didn’t pass either accreditation the first time I tried! Now, THAT was a humbling moment! Applying the first time around, I was confident in my images and thought I had it in the bag. But I didn’t meet all the criteria, and missed some important details in some of my images. Eating that piece of humble pie pushed me to reexamine my portfolio and my approach. My second attempt was successful only after I applied the feedback from my more experienced peer judges and delivered a higher quality portfolio.

Why do I share this? Because I want to underscore my commitment to this craft. I could have given up and decided I didn’t need accreditation. I was operating without it up until then. But I wanted to push myself further and to differentiate myself as an expert in the field of newborn photography.

But what does it all mean for you? It means you can relax knowing that I am fully committed to making your little one’s photography session safe and the resulting images the absolute best they can be.

An excerpt from one of the judges noting that mine is the first In-Home Newborn accreditation to date

Not Just Photos

These are not just photos; they are the first chapters of your child’s life story. I strive to capture the emotions, the tiny details, and the loving atmosphere of your family. These images will be little time capsules, family treasures for you and your little one to look back on for years to come!


Selecting the right photographer for your baby is crucial. Much like shopping for a crib or a stroller, typically, you get what you pay for, and price alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

By choosing an accredited photographer, you’re ensuring that some of the first images of your baby are not only gorgeous and skillfully executed, but also conducted in the safest manner possible with industry best practices. Which is why an accredited newborn photographer truly is the best choice for your family.

Thinking about booking? Reach out, and let’s chat about documenting this next chapter in your family journey.

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