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Child looking into the display window of Minds Alive Collingwood

It’s officially summertime which means fun activities are a must! If you are searching for a shop specializing in toys and activities beyond the screen, I have a great place in mind! Minds Alive Collingwood focuses on the belief that learning doesn’t necessarily mean work – and as a mom of three and a family photographer, I happen to agree!

My three children absolutely adore this store, and it has been our go-to for birthday gifts every year!

About Minds Alive in Collingwood

Minds Alive Collingwood sign above the entry to the store in Collingwood, with iconic historic red brick and arched windows showing above.

Crafted by Jeff and Janet Weersink in 1997, Minds Alive Collingwood aims to get families away from video games and technology. The first location for this store opened in 2004, with the second opening in 2010 and 3 additional locations in 2017. So if anyone has experience in fun, it’s Minds Alive!

This fun store carries an array of educational and inspiring toys to encourage play. Each item is hand-picked and chosen based on its popularity with customers. That way, the more popular items are always kept in stock for you to purchase when you need to renew or replenish them after wear and tear.



Minds Alive Collingwood offers various toys and items that pique every child’s and adult’s imaginative spirit. Toys carried in the store to enhance imagination change frequently, but you can always find unique pieces. Children can spark their imagination by picking an item from the Pretend and Play section, like a kitchen set to make parents a meal or their favorite princess costume! LEGO is popular at Minds Alive, and they have all the major kits like Star Wars and Jurassic World.

Children can pick out their favorite dolls, houses, and accessories at this store! Figurines such as dinosaurs and animals are also available. Children can imagine being pilots, conductors, or racecar drivers in the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles section. Finally, kids can let their musical side out by choosing a favorite instrument!


For parents who want their child to participate in educational, active learning, and entertainment, various items are also carried in the store. Your kids can choose a great book to read at home or prepare for school by picking out a new backpack! If they love to build, they’ll enjoy the building sets offered at Minds Alive Collingwood. Puzzles are an excellent activity for the entire family, from kid and family puzzles to 3D and 5000-piece puzzles! Finally, your kids can choose a fun kit to explore their scientific side.

Just Plain Fun

Minds Alive Collingwood has you covered for those who just want a bit of fun. Categories for their fun items include Craft Kits and Supplies, Games, Novelties, and Plush. Of course, who doesn’t love friendship bracelets, board games, slime, and Beanie Babies?

Little Ones

Do you have little ones who want to get in on the action? Minds Alive Collingwood has thought of them as well! This store carries Bath items such as bath mitts, floating toys, and water toys. They also carry things you’d need for your little ones, such as care and cleaning, ear and eye protection, feeding, infant and toddler toys, night lights and sound machines, swim diapers, hats, shades, teethers, and soothers.

Birthday Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself in a crunch for time. Your child is poised for an upcoming a birthday party, but you’ve yet to pick up and wrap a gift. (I’m not the only one, right?) Well, Minds Alive Collingwood will come to your rescue! One of my favourite features about shopping here is that you can request a gift bag (and a gift receipt!) and the amazing staff will remove the price tags, bag and decorate your gift with your colour choice of tissue paper and ribbon. All ready to go! How easy is that?!

Where to Find Minds Alive Collingwood

Minds Alive Collingwood is located in the beautiful historic downtown at 57 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L7, and is open seven days a week!

Minds Alive Collingwood

Whenever your children have the opportunity to step away from technology, it can be challenging to find activities to do. Check out Minds Alive Collingwood for all of your fun activity needs!

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